Welcome to ADEM Bookkeeping.  

My name is Amy McLaughry, and I started ADEM Bookkeeping  to provide virtual bookkeeping services to Nonprofit Organizations.  My mission is to help with the financial reporting requirements that your Donors, your Board, and the public want to see.

My background is in banking where I spent nearly 14 years starting at the bottom of the organization and working my way up to loan officer and branch manager.  I helped customers with all aspects of their banking relationship from taking deposits, to finding the right financial solutions, to helping them achieve their dreams -  buying their first home, helping their kids buy cars, and growing their business.  I loved helping the customers and working the numbers.  But let's admit, the old days of "Banker's Hours" don't exist today, and thus it was time for a change.

With two kids growing up before my eyes, they would soon be entering middle school and high school, I was needed as a parent more than ever.  So, I left my job to focus on my family, and ultimately take control of my life-work balance.  

The last couple of years have been such a rewarding experience doing a very different kind of work.  I have been able to attend my kids functions without feeling guilty, I have worked at being a better wife and mom, and we added to the family.  During this time, I have found that my passion for numbers and helping others is still as strong as ever.

During my time at the bank, I became involved with a community college foundation whose focus is providing scholarships to students in one of the most diverse communities in the nation.  Over the past nine years I have held many positions within the organization, ranging from Treasurer, Board President, to Interim Executive Director (the last two positions I held at the same time).

My years and positions at the Foundation have provided me with a greater understanding of the inner workings of a nonprofit organization:  board dynamics, making sure they continue to support the mission, a full understanding of the financial requirements placed on nonprofit organizations, as well as the time constraints of the Executive Director, and the many hats that must be worn on a daily basis.

Thus was born ADEM Bookkeeping to help Nonprofit Organizations with their financial reporting requirements to the donors, the board, and ultimately the public and the IRS.  Any burden that can be taken off the Foundation Staff and outsourced, allows for more time fundraising and fulfilling the mission and the vision of the organization.